Price List

Dear Customers,

Due to increasing colour and professional haircare costs which are out of our control please note, that as of the 1st of January 2022 there will be a price increase on all colour services from the 1st of January 2022.


We will post an updated price list over the coming weeks.

As of the 1st of January 2022, all appointments will be charged at the new price.


Thank you for your understanding and continued support

The Management

Laila Valentino Pro


Cut, Blowdry & Styling

Blowdry Extra Long Straight from €27
Blowdry Long Straight from €23
Blowdry Medium Straight from €20
Blowdry Short Straight from €17
Boho Blowout Medium from €25
Curly Blowdry Extra Long from €32
Curly Blowdry Long from €28
Curly Blowdry Medium from €24
Curly Blowdry Short from €20
Dry Hair Cut Long from €30
Dry Hair Cut Medium from €28
Dry Hair Cut Short from €25
Extension Curly Blowdry from €32
Extension Straight Blowdry from €27
Fringe Trim from   €5
Gents Dry Cut from €15
Gents Wash/Cut from €20
Gents Wash/Cut/Blowdry from €25
GHD Curls Long from €35
GHD Curls Medium from €30
GHD Curls Medium & Wash from €35
GHD Curls Short from €25
Kids Dry Cut Under 12 from €18
Kids Dry Cut Under 8 from €10
Kids Little Princess Mon to Wed from €0
Kids Wash & Cut Under 12 from €22
Kids Wash & Cut Under 8 from €18
Medium W/B with GDH Split Therapy from €50
Re-Styling from €38
Senior Gents Cut & Blowdry from €20
Senior Gents Wash Cut & Blowdry from €20
Senior Ladies Wash & Blowdry Short from €17
Senior Ladies Wash Cut Blowdry Short Fri - Sat from €32
Senior Ladies Wash Cut Blowdry Short Mon - Thurs from €30
Sets Medium from €22
Sets Short from €18
Steampod - Medium from €20
Student Wash Cut Curly Blow Dry from €38
Student Wash Cut Straight Blowdry from €32
Upstyle & Wash from €48
Upstyles from €38
Wash Cut Curly Blow Long from €45
Wash Cut Curly Blow Medium from €41
Wash, Cut & Blowdry Extra Long from €45
Wash, Cut & Blowdry Long from €42
Wash, Cut & Blowdry Medium from €38
Wash, Cut & Blowdry Short from €36



All Over Colour Long from €51
All Over Colour Medium from €48
All Over Colour Short from €44
Aveda All Over Colour Long from €56
Aveda All Over Colour Medium from €54
Aveda All Over Colour Short from €50
Aveda Root Colour Long from €42
Aveda Root Colour Medium from €39
Aveda Root Colour Short from €35
Balayage Long from €100
Balayage Medium from €80
Balayage Short from €60
Colour Consultation from €0
Colour Graphic Lights 15 Lights from €39
Colour Graphic Lights 25 Lights from €49
Extra 10 Highlights or Lowlights from €29
Extra 15 Highlights or Lowlights from €35
Fashion Lights from €28
Full Head Highlights Extra Long from €128
Full Head Highlights Long from €100
Full Head Highlights Medium from €91
Full Head Highlights Short from €70
Half Head Highlights Extra Long from €95
Half Head Highlights Long from €82
Half Head Highlights Medium from €71
Half Head Highlights Short from €45
Masking/T-Bar from €24
Men's Fashion Lights Medium from €40
Men's Fashion Lights Short from €30
Parting Highlights Extra Long from €60
Parting Highlights Long from €55
Parting Highlights Medium from €45
Parting Highlights Short from €35
Root Colour Highlift Long from €38
Root Colour Highlift Medium from €35
Root Colour Highlift Short from €31
Root Colour Long from €38
Root Colour Medium from €35
Root Colour Short from €31
T Bar Highlights Extra Long from €80
T Bar Highlights Long from €75
T Bar Highlights Medium from €65
T Bar Highlights Short from €45
Toner from €20



Alfaparf Keratin Therapy Long from €160
Alfaparf Keratin Therapy Medium from €148
Alfaparf Keratin Therapy Short from €135
Aveda Damage Remedy from €10
Aveda Damage Remedy + Masque from €20
Extension Removal (1 hr) from €50
Gloss Treatment (Matrix) from €25
 Kerastase K Water from €7
Kerastase Fusio dose from €18
Kerastase Exfoliating Treatment from €7
Kevin Murphy  from €25
L'Oreal maques from €12
Nioxin (Dermabrosion) from €15
Smartbond from €20


Extensions: Platinum Prestige

Top Up Extensions 1 Pack from €110
Full Head Extensions from €390
1/4 Head Extensions from €220
1/2 Head Extensions from €320
3/4 Head Extensions from €350
Platinum Extension Removal from €50



Teach Me Class (45 min)  from €35


Make Up with Lashes from €35


Brows Lamination from €40
Henna Brows from €30
3D Natural Brows from €25



Bridal Make Up

Bridal Make Up from €60
Bridesmaids Make Up from €50
Call Out Fee (price on consultation)
Bridal Trial (1 hr) from €40
Remove the Make Up with Lashes from €45

Bridal Hair

Bridal Hair Trial (Mon - Thurs, 9-6pm) from €35
Bridal Trial (Fri/Sat) from €40
Bridal Hair on the Day from €70
Bridal Call Out Party from €50
Bridesmaid from €50
Flower Girl from €25