Green Ethos

Our driving principle is: "Passion, with integrity and responsibility to our world."

It all started with a childhood teacher of Laila’s who was mindful about the environment. Under the influence of this teacher, Laila took an interest in green issues from an early age.

In her teens as a music student, she composed a special piece dedicated to the cause of saving a river which was under threat in her homeland. She was also active in a Latvian environmental movement.

This appreciation of and sense of responsibility for the environment has guided Laila throughout her life, and now influences many of her business decisions.

The salon has always been strictly free of ammonia in the interests of staff and customer safety. As Laila likes to say, “What’s in our hands is in our blood.”

We use only biodegradable towels and cups to reduce our use of water, electricity and detergents. We use paper foil, which is recyclable instead of the plastic mesh alternative. Our staff are trained to be mindful of water waste and the importance of recycling.

Luxury Environmentally Friendly Products

Our green ethics influence everything from our choice of utility providers and equipment to the range of products we choose to use use in the salon and sell in-store and on-line. We put a lot of time into choosing the brands that we stock, focussing on luxury brands that support and reflect our commitment to our natural world including Oway, Aveda and Kevin Murphy.

  • Oway were the first company in the world of professional cosmetics to completely eliminate plastic containers in 2013, choosing instead to package all their products in glass and aluminium – materials which impact the environment least as they are 100% recyclable for an infinite number of times. They even have their own biodynamic farm, Ortofficina, in Italy where they cultivate and harvest the medicinal plants used in their treatments.

  • Aveda’s mission is to care for the world we live from the products they make to the ways in which they give back to society. They strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility. Their initiative charity: water has raised $300M for clean water initiatives and benefited 10M people across 27 countries since 2006. They are committed to responsible packaging, using environmentally sound and recyclable materials whenever possible. Their manufacturing is 100% wind powered at their primary facility and they have been striving towards carbon neutrality through renewable energy credits and carbon offsets.

  • Kevin Murphy uses only natural ingredients from sustainable and renewable sources, cultured in an environmentally-friendly way. Most of his manufacturing is done at a solar powered facility that recycles its water and has a zero carbon footprint. He also strives to use packaging that is either recyclable or biodegradable. Kevin’s is the first beauty brand to offer packaging made with 100% reclaimed ocean waste plastic, which will save a projected 360 tons of plastic from the ocean each year. Even the distinctive square shape of his bottles is designed to reduce the amount of packing materials required when shipping the products.