L'Oréal Hair Touch Up Root Concealer in Auburn

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Are gray roots distracting from your new auburn hair colour, but you have no plans to hit the salon just yet? L'Oreal Professionnel Hair Touch Up Professional Root Concealer in Auburn, one of 7 available shades, is the quick, easy and natural-looking solution to covering up gray hairs until your next hair appointment. Just spray it onto roots to blend away the silver. The results will last 1 shampoo.

How to Use

Part strands to identify gray roots. Holding the bottle 4-6 inches away, spray directly onto roots. Wait until the product dries before styling your hair.

What the Stylists Say

"I love Hair Touch Up (Auburn) because it's a total time saver, when our clients have events but no time for a color, just a couple of quick sprays and they're ready to go The pigments are super durable and not water soluble so you never have to worry about the color "running" if you get sweaty working out or get caught in the rain. "
- Arthur Barnes, L'Oreal Professionnel Artist, Co-Owner of Just Roots Color Bar in Bellaire, TX.